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Salvador or Bahia City (pop., 2002 est.: 2,519,500), port, and capital of BAHIA state, northeastern Brazil. Located at the southern tip of a peninsula that separates All Saints Bay from the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of Brazil's oldest cities, founded in 1549 as the Portuguese colonial capital. At the centre of the sugar trade along bay, It became a prize for privateers, and the Dutch captured it briefly in 1624. Retaken by the Portuguese it became a major centre for the African slave trade. It has grown continuously since 1940, and its port is one of the country's finest. Important industries include food and tobacco processing, ceramics, and shipbuilding.

Salvador da Bahia, often abbreviated to Bahia by Brazilians, is the capital of Bahia state and one of Brazil's cultural highlights. This city retains its African soul with a unique, vibrant culture. With 2.4 million people, Salvador is Brazil's third biggest city. According to legend, Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sailed into the big bay that Salvador guards on November 1, 1501 All Saints' Day, hence the bay's name, Baia de Todos os Santos. In 1549, Tome de Sousa arrived to found Brazil's first capital.

Salvador was Brazil's most important city for two centuries, growing rich on exports of sugarcane, tobacco, gold and diamonds, imports of African slaves, and the profits of cattle ranching in the interior. It remained Brazil's colonial capital also renowned for its sensuality and decadence until 1763 when, with the decline of the sugarcane industry, Rio took over.

In Salvador, blacks preserved their African culture religion, food, music, martial arts (capoeira) more than anywhere else in the New World.

The city went into economic decline in the 19th century and only recently has it begun to move forward with new industries such as petroleum, chemicals and helped by a renovation of the historic center tourism. It still suffers severe social and economic problems and many of its people are jobless, homeless or hungry.

Salvador Hotels

Mercure Hotel Salvador Rio Vermelho - Rua Fonte do boi 215, Bldg B Salvador 41940-360 Brazil
Hotel Slvador Pousada Villas Do Atlantico - 31 Av Praia de Guarapari, Qd D 13 L 31, Vilas do Atlāntico - Salvador 42700000 - Brazil
Bahiamar Hotel - Rua Joao Mendes da Costa Filho 125 - Salvador 41750-190 - Brazil Phone: 71-372-2400
Best Western San Marco Hotel - rua Antonio da Silva Coehlo 47 - Salvador - Brazil Phone: 71-371-2198
Blue Tree Caesar Towers Hotel - Av Oceanica 1545, Ondine - Salvador - Brazil Phone: 71-331-8200
Breezes Costa Do Sauipe Hotel - Construtora Norbeto Odebrecht - Salvador 1161 - Brazil Phone: 55 71 4631000
Cattussaba Hotel - Alameda Praia de Guarita 101 - Salvador 41600 - Brazil Phone: 71-379-8000
Fiesta Bahia Hotel - 711 A Carlos Magalhaes Ave - Salvador 41825-000 - Brazil Phone: 71-352-0000
Hotel Lagoa E Mar - Av. Parque Das Dunas, 3250 - Salvador 42843000 - Brazil Phone: 55 71 6721573
Marazul Hotels - Ave 7 de Setembro 3937 - Salvador 40140-110 - Brazil Phone: 71-264-8200
Pelourinho Hotel - Alfredo de Brito 20 - Salvador 40000 - Brazil Phone: 71-243-2324
Praiamar Hotel - Avenida 7 De Setembro, 3577 - Salvador - Brazil Phone: 55 71 2477011
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