People of Argentina

People: Modern Argentina is the child of Spain and Italy. More than 85 percent of population of Argentina is of European origin (mostly Italian and Spanish). The major indigenous groups ( thought to make up less than 2% of Argentina's population) are the Quechua of the northwest and the Mapuche of Patagonia, and smaller groups of Guarani, Matacos, Tobas and Wichi inhabit other northern pockets. Around 8% of the country's population is mestizo, or of mixed indigenous and European ancestry; most mestizo reside up north. Other groups are Arabs(4%) and East Asian (1.5%). In 2009, the population of 40 million was concentrated in the larger urban centers.

Spanish is the official language, but English, German, and Italian are widely spoken or understood. Argentine Spanish has been strongly influenced by Italian. Small percentage of people speak Welsh, German and indigenous languages (Mapuche, Quechua, Toba and Guarani).

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