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La Paz

La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia's capital is the highest capital city in the world. La Paz was established in 1542 and is situated in the canyon of the Choqueyapu River below a plateau with an altitude of 3,600 meters.La Paz is served by El Alto airport which is the world's highest international airport; at approximately 4,000 meters above sea level.When you arrive by plane you probably need some days to adjust to the height.La Paz is surrounded by the huge snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Real.

Be prepared for Altitude Sickness - get medical advice before you leave. Boliva's capital has an impressive setting lying huddled at the bottom of a huge canyon in the Illimani mountain as a backdrop. A high proportion of people still wear traditional dresses. Once you are over that you can start enjoying this friendly city. Bolivians are among the most friendly people in South America and you will feel at home immediately in La Paz. There are few colonial building left in La Paz, probably the best examples are in calle Jean. At the upper end of Av. Mcal Santa Cruz is Plaza San Francisco with the church and monastery of San Francisco, dating from 1549. this is one of the finest examples of colonial religious architecture in South America and well worth seeing. Behind the San Francisco Church a network of cobbled streets rise steeply. Much of this area is a permanent street market. Other churches include Santo Domingo (originally the cathedral) with its decorative façade. Also La Merced on a plazuela at calle Colon and Comercio.San Juan de Dios on Loyaza between Merced & Camacho. San Sebastian-The first church to be built in La Paz. On Plaza Alonso de Mendoza. On Plaza Sucre is San Pedro prison, which is not to everyone's taste but offers a surreal, if not slightly disturbing experience. Culturally, La Paz is incredible, with a new reason to widen your eyes around every corner. Unlike the U.S., pedestrians DO NOT have the right away. Driving is quite an obstacle as well. One of the most interesting taxicab rides in the world could very well take place in La Paz. After all, a city that has few stoplights or signs and great distances in between can call for a congested road. Throughout La Paz, vendors cover the streets, selling food and water, and other items. Bolivians crave nothing more then a hot lunch, so during the noon time hours is probably the best time to scope out the variety of dishes that are being served.
Places to Visit
Mirador Monticulo
Coca Museum
Mirador Monticulo,
Museum of Precious Metals
Tiwanaku Museum
Plaza Murillo
Valle de La Luna
Museum San Francisco
Submerged Museum
Parque Laikacota
Museum of Contemporary Art
Sagarnaga Street
Mercado Negro
Plaza Murillo
Eloy Salmon
Witches' Market
Calle Jaen

La Paz Hotels

Columbus Palace Hotel La Paz, Bolivia
Radisson Plaza Hotel - Av. Arce 2177, P.O. Box 8689, La Paz, Bolivia
Plaza Hotel - Av. 16 De Julio 1789, La Paz, Bolivia
Sucre Palace Hotel - Av 16 De Julio No 1636, La Paz +591 (0) 2 363 435
Hacienda Villa Del Sol - Ave La Florida Puente Aranjuez, P O Box 3 12313, La Paz
Libertador - Calle Obispo Cardenas 1421, La Paz +591 (0) 2 327 263
Hacienda Villa Del Sol -Puente De Aranjuez No 10, La Paz
Camino Real Royal Suites Hotel - Capitan Ravelo 2123, La Paz
Ritz All Suites Hotel - Plaza Isabel La Catolica 2478, La Paz
Plaza Hotel - Paseo El Prado, La Paz +591 (0) 2 378 311
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