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Georgetown Georgetown formery(1784-1812)Stabroek city (pop., 1999 est.: 275,000), capital of Guyana. The country's chief port, it lies on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Demerara River. It was founded by the British in 1781 and named after GEORGE 111; it was largely rebuilt by the French by 1784. Known during the Dutch occupation as Stabroek, it was established as the seat of government of the combined I colonies of Essequibo and Demerara in 1784. When the British regained control in 1812, the name was 1 changed back to Georgetown. The modern city is the chief commercial and manufacturing centre of Guyana.

Originally designed by the Dutch on a regular grid pattern, Georgetown (population 167,000) is Guyana's capital and only large city. It retains some 19th-century colonial architecture, though many buildings are in poor condition and the place reeks of open sewage from the stagnant canals along its streets. There is very little to see or do in Georgetown itself, and accommodations are surprisingly expensive. Outside of the tour operators, there is also very little in the way of infrastructure for travelers. But it is the best place to get information before setting off into the interior.

Places to Visit

Town Hall
Victoria Law Courts
Parliament Building
Stabroek Market
National Library
State House
Museum of Guyana
Botanical gardens
Square of the Revolution

Georgetown Hotels

Park Hotel - 38 Main St, Georgetown Phone: +592 (0) 2 49116
Le Meridien Pegasus - Pob 871, Georgetown Guyana, Georgetown
The Guyana Pegasus Hotel - Seawall Rd, Georgetown Phone: +592 (0) 2 52853
Tower - 74-75 Main St, Georgetown Phone: +592 (0) 2 72011
Windjammer International Cuisine and Comfort Inn - 27 Queen St,, Kitty, Georgetown, GUY Phone: +592 (0) 59222 63407
Embassy Club - Pere St Kitty, Georgetown, Phone: +592 (0) 2 61416
Woodbine Hotel International - New Market St, Georgetown Phone: +592 (0) 2 59430
Ariantze - 176 Middle St, Georgetown, Phone: +592 (0) 2 65363
Penthouse Hotel - 6 Commerce St, Georgetown Phone: +592 (0) 2 71801

New Tropicana Hotel
Florentene's Hotel
Rima Guest House
Water Chris Hotel
Friends Apartment Hotel
Campala International Hotel
Hotel Ariantze
Woodbine International Hotel
Cara Suites
Plaza Hotel
Hotel Tower
Le Merithen Pegasus Hotel

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