Amazon River Cruise

Amazon river travel

The Amazon is the largest of all river systems.The volume of water discharged into the Atlantic Ocean amounts about 7 million cubic feet per second, enough to fill Lake Ontario in a mere three hours. The out flow is 12 times greater than the Mississippi and 16 times that of the Nile. At least 10 of the Amazon's tributaries are larger rivers than the Mississippi. It flows from the Andes Mountains in Peru across Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly 3,000 kinds of fish live in the fresh water of the Amazon River.

Many of the regular cruises offering Amazon itineraries enter at Belem, 200-mile-wide mouth of the river, traverse the Narrows of Breves, stop at Santarem, and conclude their exploration at Manaus. The river is so wide at spots that you will be unable to see the other side; however, when passing through the Narrows of Breves you are treated to miles of beautiful green flora and tributaries located on both sides of your ship.

Belem is situated on Guajara Bay at the gateway to the Amazon and is often the first or last stop for cruise ships exploring the river. The town thrived during the rubber boom of the early 1900s and is still the great trading center of the Amazon. The Hilton hotel is located in the center of the town and is a good focal point for your explorations.

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