Iguazu Falls - Argentina

The horseshoe-shaped spectacular falls are in the north-eastern part of Argentina. It is one of the most astonishing natural beauty in the world and one of the great tourist spots in South America. The waterfalls of the Iguazu River is located on the Brazil Argentina border. It is one of the New7Wonders of Nature. The falls were discovered by Alvar Nunez CABEZA DE VACA in 1541. A visit to the Falls and the contact with wildlife and the spectacle of the waters awake an emotion that many hope to experience once in a lifetime. Iguazu Falls are 80m high and nearly 3km long. The name “Iguazú” is a Guaraní word meaning “big water”. The falls form a semicircle of about 1500 m and are shared by Argentina and Brazil. All in all there are about 275 cataracts.

This site is surrounded by lush jungle. By most standards they are the biggest in the world. Certainly they can be viewed and experienced from so many more vantage points than either Niagara or Victoria Falls. Iguazu tops them both in its spectacular beauty. Its overwhelming natural assets, including this surroundings subtropical rainforest, have earned it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Ironically one of the world's lesser-known great waterfalls, Iguazri manages nonetheless to steal the thunder of the others. In fact, it is wider than Niagara (proud South Americans call Niagara ooa trickle in God's mind" compared to their greatest cataract).

More than I,700 cubic meters of water per second plunge over 200-foot cliffs here, creating 275 separate falls (as many as 350 during rainy season) in a wide horseshoe that forms northern Argentina's natural border with Brazil. The magnificence of the widest waterfall in the world can be viewed from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. (Helicopter rides are only available from the Brazilian side, with special flights added during the full moon.)

The falls may be seen standing on either Brazilian or Argentinean soil, but the best close-up views are from Argentina. The falls is a glimpse of raw nature whose mighty sound of fury makes the torrents of Niagara Falls seem quiet by comparison. There are biking paths and swimming beaches on the river where you can swim right up to falls to truly feel their power. While Iguazu is best known for its waterfalls, the surrounding subtropical jungle is well worth including in your itinerary. It contains 200 species of trees, 450 species of birds and 70 kinds of mammals. The flora and fauna of this national park is unsurpassed and a trip here is a must on a visit to Argentina.

A wonderful network of spray-drenched walkways takes travelers through dense tropical jungle and alongside and over the falls for the best close-up experience. More than 80 percent of the falls lie within the Argentine border including the overwhelming Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat) -the single most impressive cascade. But a frequent departing ferry or bus to the Brazilian side allows visitors to decide for themselves if the view can possibly be any better from there. If you long to fall asleep to the thunder of the falls, the Hotel das Cataratas in Brazil is your choice. If awakening to an awesome panorama from your hotel window is your pleasure, go for the Sheraton Intemacional in Argentina.

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