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Argentina Travel offers you the most fascinating insights of this wonderful country. Argentina receives 60 percent of all the tourist arrivals in the South American continent. European visitors nowhere make up no more than 11 per cent of their tourists. Argentina is a highly exciting destination for outdoor enthusiasts. World-class fly-fishing, horse riding, trekking and rock climbing options abound, as do opportunities for white-water rafting, skiing, ice-climbing, and even - for those with sufficient stamina and preparations, expeditions onto the Southern Patagonian Icecap. You'll see South America's highest peaks, rising to almost 7000m and perpetually blanketed in virgin snow the painted northern Andean deserts, high and dry, with colonial cities and lanky cactus dotting the undulating landscape; the Patagonian Lake District, with blue green shimmering lakes stretching out between lush mountain forests; astounding southern glaciers actively calving huge slivers of ice that smash into lakes below legendary Iguazu Falls, a massive stream of 70m high cataracts extending as far as your eye can see and wildlife ranging from strange guanacos, rheas and capybaras to the more familiar flamingos, whales and penguins.

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The Chile-Argentina border follows the crest of the mountain chain, which gradually decreases in height from over 6600 m in the north to 2-3500 m in southern Chile. The scenery is spectacular. The 'Lake District' that straddles the border south of Valdivia is a mixture of semi-dormant volcanoes, forests, glaciers, snowcapped mountains and lakes. Several ski resorts have been developed, mainly on the east facing slopes of the Andes, but also some on the Chilean side. The season runs from May to September.

Argentina's oldest and most attractive colonial cities (e.g. Cordoba, Tucuman and Salta) in the northern section attracts visitors. There are many sandy stretches on the nearby Atlantic coastline and the climate has moderate rainfall all year and maximum temperatures in summer reach the high 20sC. This makes them suitable for beach resort developments. And then there's Patagonia, instilling a romantic tingle and wanderlust to those who dream of someday visiting this vast and bleak outback land, ringed to the west with some of the world's most impressive mountain formations while extending all the way south toward Ushuaia and the edge of the world.

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